How to install additional packages on DSM

By | May 15, 2015
  1. Log into your Synology admin interface
  2. Now we need to add a new package source to our Synology so that we can install the additional packages. So open Package Manager and click on Settings > Package Sources > Add and type in: for the location and name it whatever you’d like.synology-package-source
  3. Also, only on DSM 5.1 we need to allow the Synology DSM to install “un-official” packages
    • Open DSM “Package center
    • Press button “Settings
    • On the “General” tab change the Trust Level from “Synology Inc.” to “Any publisher” then click on “OK”


Synology Community Package Sources … o/packages

(original branch)

7 thoughts on “How to install additional packages on DSM

  1. Flarup

    When i add the synocommonity package nothing happened, i can’t find any when i search for sabnzbd etc

  2. Hicham


    You need to go to settings and allow from every packages.

  3. Brunel MALONGABrunel MALONGA

    Bonjour j’ai correctement installer xpenology et le dsm sur un poste. mais je n’arrive pas a installer un seul package récupérer sur synologie.


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