How to activate WOL

By | May 16, 2015
WOL XPEnology

Step by step guide how to activate WOL

To activate the work of WOL (Wake on Lan) requires:

  • Validity pair of MAC address and serial number, see more how to generate >>
  • Change the value MAC and Serial in the syslinux.cfg file on XPEnology USB flash drive
  • Motherboard, LAN, BIOS WOL Supports (Enable the option in the BIOS)
  • For some PCI cards – the procedure is not required

So, begin

  1. Enable “Service SSH” in the Control Panel Synology DiskStation 
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  2. Open WinSCP and connect to your NAS server using the SCP protocol
    Use the username root and your admin password 
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  3. Using WinSCP to copy the script into folder:

    Check the permissions of the copied file,
    in WinSCP, by right-clicking on the file and selecting “Properties” and enter in the Oct field: 0755 

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    Also you can use the terminal command:
    chmod 0775 /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/
    chmod +x /usr/syno/etc/rc.d/
  4. Then, find and open a file synoinfo.conf in directory:

    Press F4 to edit synoinfo.conf file in WinSCP and change the following values:

    // etc. if you have network cards ..//

    Also you can use MC or VI editor on terminal shell for edit synoinfo.conf

  5. Save your changes and reboot the server. Now, WOL is enabled!
    To enable WOL from the outside – open UDP port 9

Changeling MAC addresses in the syslinux.cfg configuration file
is useful only when the server is turned on.
When the server is turned off – using the original MAC address of the network card
but not the values in the file, and maybe WOL will not work. It will be useful to read – ARP.
Therefore, for stable worked WOL, flash your generated MAC address on the network card (It is very easy and fast):
See more how to flash new MAC address on network card >>

18 thoughts on “How to activate WOL

  1. rkoperdak

    Hi, I set on my router port forwarding fUDP 9, but from internet I cant wakeup my NAS. Only from local address – njo problém. Could you help me please? Thank you so much. Robert

      1. rkoperdak

        Thanks for your reply. I tried, port is still closed. I have got router Netgear 3500Lv2. I set this settings only on my routerno NAS..

        1. demon_sl

          Sometimes ISPs block ports, and you must have a white IP
          Try setting up ipv6 tunnel
          in DSM control panel –> Network –> Tunnel –>
          tick chebox Enable Tunnel and insert in the field Server address the following IP

          1. rkoperdak

            I tried,, nothing.I will contact my ISP :-).

  2. omar

    I’ve tried doing this with my HP microserver. After following the above steps my System Health shows the message “dsm cannot start up normally because it ran into a problem”

    Note: I didnt press F4 but copied the synoinfo.conf file to my PC to save and edit and then transferred back the edited one.

  3. Kelvin

    I had successfully setup WOL on my machine before, but after I create a network bond of the two network adaptors, WOL stop working. Any suggestion?

  4. Bonebreaker777

    The MAC address shown in the DSM is the same as the physical MAC address of the network card.

    But I can’t execute WoL then the server been shut down by the DSM/XPEnology. When it is forcefully turned off (PSU turn off or holding the power button), I can wake the server without any problems.


  5. Krisrider24

    Hello it seems this how to is not working on >dsm6
    I followed every steps one by one.
    Directory rc.d does not exist its name is : rc.sysv
    So i uploaded the script into this folder

    Someone with wol is working on dsm 6 >?
    Thank you

    1. justaninternetbum

      Hi Krisrider24

      Did you find a solution to this, I am having the same issue.

      Anyone else or is there a newer guide for this for DSM6?


  6. krisider24

    hello justaninternetbum
    no news since my last comment. I saw that people who updated their DSM (5 to 6) does not have this problem Maybe their WOL were activated before to apply DSM 6 update. For me I did a fresh install. this is the only difference i noticed

  7. Rob

    Same problem here WOl does not work. ( bare metal on HP8300 ) fresh install. Edit te grub file with mac adres, seral and pid/vid as usual. Could indeed not find the rc.d file. Any solutions ?

  8. Emule

    hello, no rc.d file. ds 6.1.4 installed. I could not activate wol. bios wol active. Root does not accept password as admin.a video for narration

  9. Sergio

    Same problem as Emule. ds. 6.1.4 on Acer h340 box. Cannot find rc.d.

  10. ge

    no rc.d folder/file with latest dsm software, please update these instructions

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