How to downgrade from DSM 5.2

By | May 13, 2015
Synology DSM 5.2

How to downgrade from DSM 5.2

Downgrade stap:

1 Login into your server console using username root and input :

cd /etc.defaults (press key "ENTER")
vi VERSION (press key "ENTER")

press key “i” and then change minorversion=”1″ and buildunumber=”5021″ (not “5022”)

Press “ESCAPE”, then input “:wq” and press key “ENTER

How to work with the vi editor see more vi man >>

cd /etc.defaults





4 Reboot the XPEnology (use command reboot)

5 During the boot XPEnology, choose in loader menu install/upgrade

6 Open Synology Assistant or click for manually install the DSM-5.1-5022
During the installation process, select installation type “migration” !

What is migration, see here.

7 After installation complete, open the web gui for restore your configuration settings.
Not data, only settings! See more how to >>

If you find that the SMB is not working
Simply restart it in the control panel DSM:

  • Just open the control panel in web gui and uncheck the “windows file service” then press “Apply
  • Then, turn it on again. Check the “windows file service” and press apply again
  • Also delete the SAMBA cache in the advanced SAMBA setting in control panel

18 thoughts on “How to downgrade from DSM 5.2

  1. Roland

    press key “i” and then change minorversion=”1″ and buildunumber=”5021″ (not “5022”)
    then input “:wq” and press key “ENTER”

      1. Radek

        Yes, it is a solution, but xpenology is situated in the server room with paid access :)

  2. Roland

    Enabling and disabling the SMB cache was also not sufficient for me, I personally got it working after deleting the SAMBA cache in the advanced settings.

  3. doe

    I had to delete my installation and reinstall. Now i find SS very slow.

  4. Franky

    Don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but whenever I reboot, Synology Assistant knows that my prev. version was 5565.
    first attempt changed what is stated in this post: minorversion and buildnumber, and on the second try I changed the rest of the stats of the screenshot.

  5. Abc1262

    So… I tried this over the Console on my XPEnology. It’s installed on a ESXi Server and I tried to make this changes on the console. (SSH doesnt work for me with putty…)
    But when I make the changes in the VERSION with vi, i can’t exit it anymore? I press ESC and cant make :q or :wq (Says Q not implemented as soon as I press it)
    Help? :(

  6. phil

    I have downgraded, however i am still getting a mesage on every bootup that windows file service failed to start…what am i doing wrong? anyone having the same issue? i restarted service, cleaned samba cache and it did not help…

  7. ken

    I tried to downgrade XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.1-5022.3, but cannot open the web page login…..

    Then re-install many time, finally still cannot open the web page interface, but I can ping the SS…

    I can login the server directly by keyboard, the login ID: root , but I don’t know the default password?

    Please help ><"

  8. Avidsaneke92

    excuse me , it tells me that the file is read-only

  9. Kyyysha


    During this downgrade process, should I downgrade my xpenoboot version on my usb stick from XPEnoboot 5.2-5565.2 back to the one or I can reinstal image with an 5.2 XPEnoboot on my usb? I suppose yes, anyway I couldnt use the ‘reboot ‘ command as it is written. So I ask it just for sure.




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