How to generate Synology MAC and serial valid pair

By | May 16, 2015

Why it is needed?

Editing the serial number and MAC address is necessary for the operation of branded Synology services such as, push notifications, and with the release version of DSM 5.1 and above also install DSM and packages. Packet inspection can be disabled.

IMPORTANT The serial number and MAC address form a single couple and individually do not work!
This pair (serial number and MAC address) must be valid – that is, for every serial number determined by the unique MAC addresses. Multiple use the same pair of leads either to its blocking or false push notifications and Banach in your firewall,

If you register the serial number on the website,
but you have an arbitrary MAC address – will not work!

How it works with XPEnology

Valid Serial number and MAC address entered in the step of creating XPEnology loader by editing the values in the configuration file syslinux.cfg on the USB flash drive.

If you are not going to use the services of Synology then edit the values is not required.
It is best to use a pair of serial number and MAC address from the original NAS Synology.
The model is not important, any pair, such as your old server Synology.
Since the calculators available on the network do not always work properly.

MAC address is desirable to stitch the same immediately to the network card.
This is a very simple procedure and does not require special skills,
and now will tell you How to

How to generate valid serial & MAC (by Vortex)

Step by step guide

  1. We need to find pictures Synology product with the label serial number and MAC address
    like this (the next time will be cautious, upload your pictures and videos)
  2. We define Serial Number (SN) B6JFN00845 and MAC address:

    SN of photos is better not to use – you will receive false Push-message
    and Synology likely will detect multiple connections
    and eventually block the services for the SN

  3. Invent a new serial number
    For this to B6JFN00845 add or diminish the random number X, to the last three digits of the serial number. For example 123, receive:

    (B6JFN00) 845 - Serial, X=123, B6JFN00 - not use
    B6JFN00 (845+123) = B6JFN00968
    B6JFN00968 - It is a new Serial number
  4. Now we go to and register our new serial.
    If the register does not work, we add another number and try again until you get it.
  5. Then generate a MAC address,
    we multiply our random number X out of the previous step, on 4 and convert it into HEX.
    If the model have four MAC addresses (four network cards),
    multiply on 4, if the two, on 2. Example:


    Be sure to put “0″ before the digits that 

  6. The resulting number (01EC) added to the FIRST MAC,
    which we found on the internet from the first step.
    In this example it is – 00: 11: 32: 0C: 36: ED
    Caution is necessary to summarize in HEX calculator

    0011320C36ED + 01EC = 0011320C38D9

    To get the rest of the MAC simply added per unit in HEX


    Be sure to put “0” before the digits if required

  7. Now we just need to add a couple of our configuration file syslinux.cfg
    But You can add only serial number, and the MAC address can flash on the your network card.

16 thoughts on “How to generate Synology MAC and serial valid pair

  1. demon_sl

    Thanks Vortex!
    were easy to follow these instructions?
    Please let us know if you find a mistake

  2. cstout

    This guide does not work for Synology’s new serial numbers using the new serial format: 1480MIN######. Is there a new method?

  3. schgjp

    you can buy an old synology and retrieve the mac adress and serial number . it remains only to inject it into the syslinux.cfg and it works.n bye a old synology whise adress mac and

  4. T ChaY


    Can i just add the mac adress in syslinux.cfg or i need to flash my netword card too with this same mac adress ?
    What is the difference between this two solution ? What is the best one ?


    1. gator94

      I followed the steps outlined here to edit the bootloader with osfmount and xpenoboot 5.2-5592.2 using the excel tool provided and worked like a charm…. Note, my setup is a DSM on a USB with 4x3TB DIY system. So, I did not configure the cfg file to ignore the IDE boot as indicated in the video, just altered the serial number and mac address as outlined, then burned the xpenoboot img to usb and used the install/upgrade choice on first boot…then installed DSM5.2-5592 pat…everything worked perfectly.

      1. Rasmus

        Worked for me as well.. Just took the serial and Mac from my old Synology.. Doesn’t need to be done on first boot..

  5. dxb

    i have intel i210 i217-lv nics.
    EEUpdate and erupdate
    cannot find any adapter.

  6. Henry Heinze

    So if I have an old genuine Synology box can I use the serial and MAC from that?

    1. serdar

      If using above ‘quickconnector’ link how would you add another NIC mac address to same serial serial?

  7. Andrei

    quickconnector link doesn’t work anymore… can it be put somewhere else?

  8. peter

    please explain step 7 how to inject these settings into the syslinux.cfg file

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