How to see the value of my VID & PID stick

By | May 5, 2015

VID & PID values needed to hide USB flash drive from the DSM

VID – Vendor Identifier
PID – Product Identifier

VID and PID is unique for different flash devices
After determining the value of your values – make it in your bootloader configuration file in syslinux.cfg


9 thoughts on “How to see the value of my VID & PID stick

  1. DPower

    How would you find out the VID & PID for an interal micro SD card reader (HP Microserver)? Without hiding it the unit does not sleep, but no way to plug it into another PC to get these ID’s

      1. DPower

        yes…. my point is how to find out the values for the card reader when its on board and the only OS is synology. Is there an app to identify it?

  2. Mihai Bogdan Georgescu

    Hello, and how exactly to I get to see this values, tried lsusb from putty and directly from the expenology command line, I get not found

    Thanks in advance

  3. OBenned

    Well I had windows in my machine before and looked it up, I think the values are the same as long as it’s the same system, I can check mine tomorrow

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  5. Krisrider24

    Hello can someone tell me where to enter the command line in hp proliant gen8 g1610t please.
    I need too to get pid vid of the card reader.


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