Install DSM 5.1 on VMware ESXi5.5

By | May 5, 2015
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This post was created after I spent many hours trying to install this software on esxi5.5u1. This step by step guide and empirically derived the exact sequence of steps for installing DSM 5.1-5022.3 update 5 (the date of post 05.05.2015).

For this action, we need to:

  1. VmWare Esxi 5.5 update 1 (possibly in other versions of hypervisor is the same sequence)
  2. XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.iso
  3. XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.vmdk
  4. DSM5.1 5022 (DSM_DS3615xs_5022.pat )

All files can be found here.

Instructions to Applicants: average hypervisor management knowledge VMware Esxi.

To begin the installation:
1. Create new virtual machine
2. Giving arbitrary name

3. Choose a location on a storage.
4. Guest_Operation_system choose Other_linux 64-bit.
5. Network adapter selection e1000 or VMXNET3.
6. !!! Important !!!  For drive of the DSM need to select at LEAST >= 4500 Mb, type “Thin provision” (to save on storage space)

7. A virtual machine created, and now attach .iso image XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.iso (why not just shove the same image but vmdk, honestly, I could not go to the third menu item, very fast boot image)

8. Run a virtual machine with .iso image (do not forget to put a checkbox Connect_at_power_on), at the boot menu, select the 3rd item install upgrade, after loading the console is the ip address (assuming that there is a dhcp network).

9. Go on the http: // ip: 5000 (+ port 5000) and start install OS manual DSM .pat file (if you specify a drive of less than 4500 at this place takes off error and stops the installation)
10. Once the system is supposedly waiting for a restart – press Power off.
11. Go to the settings and disconnect the HDD and CD (but do not remove the disc from the HDD), and save the settings.

12. Fill in the virtual machine folder image XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.vmdk
13. Go to the settings virtualke again and add a new disk pointing EXISTING image XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.vmdk, and once again save the settings.

14. Run the Virtual machine and and turn it off (this is done for that would esxi knew that this first disc and boot from it should be).
15. Again, go into the settings and add the previously disconnected HDD (has the same name as the Virtual machine), and save it.
16. Go on the same IP + port (http: // ip: 5000)
17. Make basic settings (username-admin, no password), upgraded to update X.
18. After the update and reboot, turn off the Virtual machine.
19. Now add the new HDD Productions, 3rd screw in a row, the HDD will be to keep all (size determined according to taste and capabilities, recommended partition thing, which can always be expanded if desired)
20. After the download go in the Storage Manager in the DSM, 3rd added disk is seen as the 4th, and create a profile, be sure to exclude the 1st and 3rd disc (the first boot loader on the 3rd DSM).


21. For reliability can once again restart the machine, The end, the system is ready for consumption =).

Behind this leave, you can use it. Thanks to the guys who made it possible to realize all this. I hope this post will save time =).

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25 thoughts on “Install DSM 5.1 on VMware ESXi5.5

    1. WarWizard

      It was easy enough for me to follow… especially if you have worked with VMWare tools in the past. I don’t see you offering up better content…

    2. i686

      Tut is more than enough. Shame on you, they did such an amazing job. Now you show up talking shit as if you were a fucking retard. If you are not able to follow these simple steps, then you’d better use your time doing some other things on your very same level, like counting clover leaves. Maybe you’re able to count up to 3.

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  2. jg

    These instructions started off good but became very difficult to understand at steps 11-13.

    11. Go to the settings and disconnect the HDD and CD (but do not remove the disc from the HDD), and save the settings.
    12. Fill in the virtual machine folder image XPEnoBoot_DS3516xs_5.1-5022.3.vmdk
    13. Go to the settings virtualke again and add a new disk pointing EXISTING image

    1. bgk4

      Yeah, bers, can you tell me why should we perform these steps?

      1. bers

        These steps to the virtual machine to boot from an image Owned XPEnoBoot_, but not with the first drive after the last virtual machine settings to these items.

  3. rick

    Thnx this was very handy!!!! it works like a charm :)
    it can get confusion for people i can understand that but it did not for me! just read good and it all works like a charm :) spent 3 hours untill i found this great post!!!!

  4. Royson

    Thanks for this. A bit unclear at some steps but i figured it out.
    What i cant manage to do is adding more drives. I tried adding more drives in Esxi and the show up in DSM. But I cant use them, no option to initiate and cant create any new volumes.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Fer

      Same problem here, but I can’t find a solution for this issue… anybody?

  5. Vaughn Campbell

    This is fantastic information. Six months ago I spent an entire weekend trying to boot a VM and this guide has me running in 10 minutes. I even cheated and used a later XPE version (5.2-5565) and ESXi 6.0.0 Update 2. bers does not explain why you need to do a few steps, but by the end it is clear.

    Thanks a TON for the guide.

  6. Jeremy Cioara

    Thank you – you saved me tons of time and pain; kept getting the “drive could not be found” – this fixed it.

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  8. Mr Thich

    Rất tốt cho tôi khi đọc được và sẵn sàng để thí nghiệm trước trên máy ảo VM .Rất cám ơn và chúc bạn cuối tuần vui vẻ và hạnh phúc .

  9. acicchetta

    I want to follow this procedure, but I cannot download ISO and VMDK files.

    Always get 522 error…. Is there another link to download these files?


  10. Niall Scott

    I get as far as try to use a browser to get to http: // 5000 (in my case) but i can’t find the page, tried various browsers with same result.
    Any ideas?

    1. bers

      DHCP server does not work, or the network card on the esxi host is not correctly configured

  11. info

    Nice tutorial, working thanks. But the internet connection is not working from synology, xpnboot search updates and has connection to internet, but the synology not, can’t update or install pakets. Why? Installed offline zertifikat from synology to install pakets, but i can’t install pakets, error: This paket is not supported on diskstation plattform. Do you know why? Is it working by you?

  12. gogoboy

    Thanks. I just followed your steps and made it work. Very nice.


  13. Ralph

    Hi, I got the DSM working on my ESXi 6.0, but if I want to create a Volume with one of the disks 4-6 he is telling me that he cant get a Connection and that I should check my Network Connection.

    Is there a solution for that?

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