Synology DSM 6.0 is coming !

By | October 14, 2015
New DSM 6.0 beta

DSM Advancement

Bringing the future to network storage

With every version of DiskStation Manager, Synology strives to bring the most forward-thinking features and intuitive usability to the world of network storage and serving.

64-bit architecture1

DSM 6.0 switches to 64-bit computing to ensure you always benefit from the most popular and efficient architecture, in a completely transparent fashion. This allows your DiskStation to process parallel processes more efficiently, so you can do more in the same amount of time. In addition, 64-bit architecture enables more available RAM on new models in the future.


With DSM 6.0, Synology delivers a leaner system architecture by modularizing a greater number of non-essential applications. Separating more applications from DSM brings numerous benefits, such as maximized uptime by reducing unnecessary system updates, flexible development of individual applications, reduced patch size, lighter system burden, and much more.

Btrfs File System

The Snapshot and Replication technology that comes with the advanced Btrfs file system reduces the impact of massive reading / writing on hard drives and high bandwidth consumption caused by traditional backup, while allowing for flexible point-in-time recovery of files - instant protect your data with state-of-the-art data snapshot technology.


One of Synology’s core beliefs is that advanced storage and applications should be easy to use and available to more people. That’s why DSM 6.0 introduces new accessibility features to help visually impaired users navigate DSM, manage files in File Station, and change settings in Control Panel using screen reader software NVDA and Firefox.

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17 thoughts on “Synology DSM 6.0 is coming !

  1. Dennis

    Based on the fact that the DSM 6.0 beta is now a longterm beta with 6-Months of testing, will there be a Xpenology Update for this Beta period ?

    1. fjorger

      Hi Dennis,

      This has been discussed on the forum already, and I don’t think Xpenology will change his mind.
      They only release “final” products, so we do have to wait a few more months (till 6.0 is out of Beta) :)!



  2. eldadh

    Any chance now thats it has gone from Beta to Release Candidate they might re-consider?

  3. Ken

    Final release is avalable, when will xpenology release there support/ version?

  4. DaRiO

    Outstanding work!
    I use xpenology om my virtual machine, work perfect.

    1. dsm6notcoming

      NEVER!!! this is almost 1 year old. which means DSM 6.0 is NEVER COMING!

  5. Sergey

    All Time goes on and on, it will soon be a year since the announcement and release still can not …
    Does anyone aware of what’s going on?

    1. William

      Would be nice. (Thanks to all those who are participating in this project, it’s awesome!)


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